personal efficiency for the introverted professional

In this training for the introverted professional you will learn to take advantage of your qualities and how to increase your impact at work.
Are you a cautious person, do you dislike being the centre of attention, and do you dread small talk? Are you a great listener, a keen observer and a good analyst? Are you a critical thinker, but do you struggle with directly voicing your opinion? Does developing ideas give you energy? Don’t you mind being alone? Then it’s most likely that you’re an introverted person. About a third to half of all people are introverts.

The qualities of more introverted people are by no means always given their due. In our present Western society, extroverted behaviour seems to be the norm. Above all, we value social, spontaneous and energetic behaviour, and being able to react quickly. At work, introverted people are often told that they are insufficiently visible.


In this training about personal efficiency, people with a more introverted personality will learn, in a way that suits them best, what’s needed to make the most of their qualities and how to be more visible.

This starts with becoming aware of your own qualities and pitfalls as an introverted professional, and of unspoken expectations and assumptions. The training teaches you to constructively participate in consultations, makes you aware of your own needs and teaches you how to make your needs known.

Before the start of the training, you will receive a preparatory assignment and a questionnaire that reveals at which place you fall along the Introvert – Extrovert spectrum.


  • The introvert’s qualities, pitfalls, allergies and challenges
  • Basic knowledge about introversion/extraversion and cross cultural differences
  • Visibility and input in consultations
  • How to better communicate with extravert or dominating personalities
  • Working on your own cases


  • You will become aware of and will have confidence in your own added value as an introverted professional
  • Through self-confidence, you will be better able to engage with more extroverted, dominant people
  • You will be aware of how you come across to others and will be able to influence this.

“Instead of drowning in other people’s expectations and accommodating these expectations, this training helps you to rediscover your own qualities and strength, and gives you the tools needed – and a dash of insolence – to be able to mingle with extroverted people and still remain yourself.” (participant, September 2016).

Date: November 30, 2017
Duration: 1 day, 9.30 – 17.00 hr.
Training venue: Duivendaal 7, Wageningen.
Training costs: 375 € per person (free from VAT; including lunch).
Number of participants: 6-8.
Trainers: Marijke van Dusseldorp & Geraldine Sinnema.

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